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Sink Refinishing

Has your bathroom or kitchen sink become an embarrassing feature of your home? Is your sink stained, scratched, chipped, or cracked? Would you like a new sink but don’t want to go through the expense and hassle of replacing finding one to fit the existing hole in your countertop? No matter what the reason is, if your kitchen or bathroom sink has become an eyesore, it’s time to give it new life with sink reglazing.

At A1 Quality Refinishing, we refinished single-piece vanity sinks and tops. After years of use, sinks lose their natural shiny finish making it next to impossible to remove stains and built-up grime and dirt which become embedded in the underlying material. By having your sink refinished by A1 Quality, you’ll end up with a shiny, beautiful, and long-lasting finish that will last for years to come.

We are based in Danville, but customers from Lamorinda, Danville, San Fransisco and other parts of the Bay Area can also contact us for their entire sink refinishing work.

Benefits of Sink Reglazing With Us

There are certain reasons you should go for sink refinishing rather than replacement. First of all, sink refinishing is very cost-effective. You can save a lot in terms of labor cost in installation, demolition, and disposal and removal of waste in sink replacement.


Refinishing is an Affordable, Durable and Beautiful Alternative to Removal and Replacement.