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Wall Refinishing

Have your bathroom or kitchen wall tiles become an eyesore? Has the color of your tiles, which was all the rage in the ’60s or 70’s become an unsightly embarrassment?

Decades pass, styles come and go, but your kitchen or bathroom wall tile lingers with the same ugly color the previous owners chose. And on top of that, tiles get cracked, chipped, stained, and scratched while the grout between the tiles gets dirtier and harder to clean. Your first thought is probably to replace all the tiles. But is it really worth the cost and mess? We can restore and refinish them on-site in just a few short hours. Let us renew your bathroom and refinish the tiles professionally for a fraction of the cost of tile replacement.

We provide our bathroom and kitchen wall refinishing services in Danville, but would love to serve customers from Lafayette, Moraga, Orinda and other parts of San Francisco Bay Area.

Benefits of Tiles Reglazing With Us

We are always known to use the best quality materials and provide the best tile refinishing services in town. We are proud to have experienced and certified professionals who have gone through a strict training program to refinish, reglaze, restore, and recolor different types of surfaces, such as fiberglass, porcelain, grout, ceramic, Formica, grout, etc. We are fully bonded, insured, and licensed in the San Fransisco and East Bay Areas to provide tiles reglazing. If you want to talk to our specialists or connect with some of our customers, we will be happy to share references with you and connect you to them.


Refinishing is an Affordable, Durable and Beautiful Alternative to Removal and Replacement.